How Much is STD Testing?

How Much is STD Testing?  Get The Facts.

It’s very scary when you think that you might have a STD!

If you think that you have a sexually transmitted disease you are probably very concerned, let’s say very stressed out too, and probably have a lot of questions. For example, you probably wonder if there are different std tests, will insurance cover STD testing, are there STD testing centers, is there a typical STD test, and what is the average cost of STD testing?

Let’s answer the above questions. First, to determine how much is it to get STD tested it can vary from where you live in the U.S., if your insurance cover std testing, the number of tests that you need as well as your economic status.

Costs may vary from a clinic for STD testing to a std online test to your doctor’s office. center to health center. There are number of tests available for the various strains of STDs. What are the range of STD tests? These tests can include: blood tests, urine tests, mucus test, How Much Is STD Testingsaliva swabs as well as a physical examination.

The costs involved with these procedures varies according to the test. These STD tests depends mainly upon your current insurance coverage and what they will pay.

If you have insurance the good news is that many of these sexually transmitted disease lab tests are usually included in the more comprehensive healthcare plans. Whereas, in other types of healthcare plans the insurance company will only pay a partial amount and you are responsible for the remaining balance. Check with your insurance company before you schedule any tests or office visit to see if there is a  co pay that you need to pay as a patient for these doctor visits and the laboratory procedures.

Some insurance companies include STD tests as a part of routine wellness examination. Patients with the existing symptoms of STD and high risks patients are also covered by many insurance companies.

How Much Is Std Tests for Uninsured People?

That’s a question many people want to know, exactly How much is STD testing for those who are uninsured? The STD tests will usually cost more if patient is uninsured. However, it depends upon the location of health clinic and the type and number of tests required. Many doctors and clinics will give a discount if you are paying in full–a welcome relief for them because they do not have to deal with the extra paper work with insurance companies.  In general, the fee can range from 50 to 200 dollars per test.  Most of these STD tests can be done right there in the doctor’s office.

Patients who do not want to visit doctor can go to private STD testing companies. These companies do not accept health insurance and their fees can range from 50 to 150 dollars per test. Some health centers offer tests on a sliding scale which means that it is based on what the patient can afford.

Some Students Can Get STD Tests For Free

Yes, students can get free or discounted STD testing in Universal Health Centers. HIV testing can be done with the help of a home access test kit which is approved by US Food and Drug Administration. How much is STD testing is really determined to your insurance coverage, your income bracket, the location of the clinic as well as the number and the type of tests that you need.

Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a STD testing site locator by your zip code.

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